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Getting dressed every day shouldn’t be stressful.

Getting dressed every day shouldn’t be stressful.  I’ve always noticed when I look good, I feel good and vice-versa.  Prior to working in retail, I was in the corporate world and either didn’t have time to always look and feel my best or I didn’t prioritize it.  We all have varying priorities and are trying to keep up with daily demands so I decided to take the stress and guesswork out of “What to Wear” and launched The Clothing Concierge. From refreshing your entire wardrobe to simply spending time with you and your clothing to help with inspo and outfits for your hectic life to helping you pack for your next vacation, I’m here to help with all of your clothing needs and your on-call personal stylist!  I love helping women look and feel good and want to walk away knowing you feel confident in whatever you’re wearing!

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